Pixii Max
Connected digital camera with rangefinder viewfinder
Model A3410


Optical viewfinder with coinciding rangefinder (x0.67 magnification)
Wide-angle field of view
High refractive index optical formula
Extended rangefinder base
Independent LED backlit frame lines for standard prime lenses: 35mm, 50mm, 75mm (more focal lengths subject to change)
Exposure indicators
Dynamic information display
Automatic parallax correction
Automatic LED intensity adjustment
Interchangeable eyepiece, with optional diopter correction lenses


35mm full size image format
24.5MP BSI-CMOS sensor
6064x4040 active pixels, 5.94µm pixel pitch
Electronic shutter, speeds from 2s to 1/32000
12-14bits programmable AD converter
Programmable gain from 0 to +30dB
Native gain: ISO 100 up to ISO 25600
Standard Bayer color filter
Optical stack with micro-lenses, no low-pass filter, IR filter < 1.0mm
Native monochrome mode
Output: Digital Negative (DNG), Mono DNG or JPEG format


Interchangeable lens system
Leica-M compatible lens mount
Manual focus and aperture control
Dark chamber designed to fit collapsible lenses
Compatible with M39/LTM lenses via adapter (not included)


Dual-block machined aluminium body
ISO accessory shoe
Tripod socket A ¼,
Lugs for carrying strap
Dimensions : 138x79x33mm
Weight: 480g (incl. battery)
Finish: space gray, matte black


Manual shutter speed selector
Automatic speed mode
2 stage shutter button: exposure metering/lock and shutter release
Top panel OLED control screen
In-finder control screen for settings and menu control
Quick ISO selection, white-balance and supplementary settings via integrated menu


64-bit quad-core ARM SoC
Image co-processor
Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity
Bluetooth LE 5.1
Internal storage: 32GB up to 256GB
USB-C connector, dual-role


Li-ion 7.2V battery, 1080mAh capacity, model NP-FW50
Integrated USB charger
Programmable suspend and power off timer


32GB capacity can store about 840 DNG images or more than 1700 JPEG files.
64GB capacity can store about 1680 DNG images or 3400 JPEG files.
128GB capacity can store about 3350 DNG images or 6800 JPEG files.

Note: JPEG files weight about 18MB on average but this can vary depending on the scene and ability to compress. DNG files are not compressed and store RAW images without information loss.