This section gathers a collection of support documents and downloads for your Pixii camera.


User Manual
Get started using your Pixii camera, with a quick tour of the main features.‍

Optical rangefinder calibration
Support documents for controlling and adjusting the optical rangefinder.

Rangefinder Control & Calibration.pdf (models A2572+)

Instructions for adjusting the rangefinder horizontal alignment.pdf (models A2572 and A1571)

Note: the rangefinder vertical adjustment is only possible starting with model A2572+. If you need to recalibrate a previous model, please contact us.

Frame lines in the Pixii viewfinder
Read the blog post explaining how to select the frame lines presented in the Pixii viewfinder and how they map to focal lengths.

List of answers to the most frequently asked questions. Access the document.


Your Pixii Camera can receive over-the-air software updates. Software updates can enhance the set of features of the camera or fix issues.

Visit the camera System menu to check for available updates. Or with the mobile application, visit the Settings > Pixii Camera section to verify the installed software and potential updates.

NOTE: to receive updates, your camera must be connected to the Internet, via a Wi-Fi link.

Pixii software updates
Article detailing the different types of software updates and how they apply to the Pixii Camera and its mobile companion app.

Release notes
Journal of changes and bug fixes per published software releases.

Software releases
Directory of software releases for each Pixii Camera model.

Development notes
Access to pre-release software builds, along with instructions to opt-in to the development channel or return to the stable software release channel.


Download the companion application for your Pixii camera directly on the App Store for iOS devices, and on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

NOTE: the mobile application is only necessary for configuring Wi-Fi Internet access on the camera. The camera can work autonomously without the presence of the mobile application and/or a smartphone.

Color profiles

Pixii comes standard with several color profiles. The color profiles provide a variety of color renditions, either embedded in the raw DNG file, or applied to a JPEG. Profiles can be selected from the camera menu or from the app.

You can also download the color profiles on your desktop computer to retroactively apply a different color style to an image.

Sample photos

We share a collection of sample photos shot with different Pixii camera models. If you are curious about the performance of our cameras, the samples will help you get a better feel of the pixel quality and capabilities of the Monochrome DNG files that can be produced.

Access the Google Drive folder: sample photos (contains both JPEGs and DNGs).