Ordering help

Need help ordering your Pixii camera?
Check the sections below to find answers to your questions.

What is Pixii?

Rangefinder camera

Pixii designs and manufactures rangefinder cameras only.

If you are not familiar with that type of cameras, we recommend to check the relevant sections on our web site. For example, how to focus with a rangefinder.

Before ordering, you need to consider 2 important aspects :

  • Our cameras can only be used with manual-focus lenses.
    There exists no auto-focus mechanism for use with them. The photographer is required to learn how to manage focus manually, with the help of the optical rangefinder. The camera will not manage focus for you.
  • You need a compatible lens to take pictures with your camera.
    We make camera bodies only: Pixii does not come with a lens by default. Photos of the camera with a lens are for illustrative purposes. The prices displayed are for the camera body only.

Technical specifications / compatibility

The capabilities of our camera models are outlined in their respective specification pages. See the details for our latest model for reference:

To select a lens for use with Pixii, you can tap into a vast range of M-mount lenses made by vendors such as Leica, Zeiss, Voigtlander or others.

To help in your choice, you can refer to our blog post explaining how the classical focal lengths map to the frame lines selection of the camera viewfinder.

Read the blog post


Where to buy?

You can order your camera directly from us, via our online store: store.pixii.fr.

We are also building a dedicated network of resellers. Resellers can have models in stock and/or have a camera for demo.

Pixii vendors are still rare though, as we prefer to work with people experienced with rangefinder cameras. You can search our resellers page here. If you don't see a contact in your region, you can also refer your prefered camera shop to have them join our network of experts.

Made in France

We manufacture all of our cameras in France. Our engineering team directly manages the assembly and quality control. We strive to keep a close feedback loop between design, fabrication and quality control. This also helps us ensure a continuous upgrade path for our cameras, as we introduce new models.

Made to order

All cameras are made to order. The fabrication time ranges from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on supply chains contstraints. Once completed, we ship cameras to photographers around the world.

If you would like to purchase a Pixii camera immediately, you can check the stock availability with our resellers. For example, our partner in the US, B&H Photo Video stocks and lists ready-to-ship models for you to choose from.


Direct online orders

We support payment with the major credit cards on our online store. We use Stripe for payment security.

We indicate our prices in Euros, excluding VAT, for simplificity for our clientele of photographers who are majoritarily residing outside of Europe.

Other payment options and currencies

Our online store accepts payments from most banks in the world. Payments are transparently converted to Euros. We also offer payment by wire transfer and accept POs.

However, we are unable to offer loans or payments in multiple installments with the current fintech offerings.

We set recommended public prices in both Euros and US dollars. We strive to make our products accessible to a wide circle of photographers throughout the world.


Taxes and shipping costs are calculated based on the shipping address specified on the online order form.

For European customers, the VAT is collected at order time. For businesses registered in Europe, we provide an ordering process that does not require the payment of the VAT, per the EU regulation on that matter. Contact us for details.

For photographers outside of Europe, our products are exported without taxes. Depending on your country of residence, you may have to pay import fees or taxes, though the camera product category is generally exempt from overcharges. Consult with your fiscal administration for confirmation.


International express carriers

We ship cameras within 48h after their fabrication has been completed. However, please note that all of our products are built to order. Please check the product ordering page for an estimate of fabrication delays.

All shipments are fully insured and tracked to avoid negligence.

For camera products, we use international carriers like DHL Express or UPS interchangeably. Unless ordered with a camera, we generally ship accessories via the postal service, in particular battery packs for regulatory reasons.

Returns & refunds

We offer an extended 30-day period for using a camera before asking for a return & refund. Return shipping assistance can be provided at-cost. We charge a restocking fee on returns. Please refer to our Terms and conditions for details about returning a camera for a refund.


Didn't find the answer to your questions? Contact us at: info@pixii.fr