Pixii Max

Launch price 3999 euros.


Full Frame

Discover the new camera.

Full Frame Sensor

It's here. Our most important upgrade in the history of Pixii.

Max format. Full quality.

Pixii Max features a high-performance full-frame sensor, carefully selected for its imaging qualities.

Level up.

The advanced 24.5MP sensor takes quality to the next level. With the pixel design of our top-ranked Pixii+ sensor, combined with 5.94 μm photodiodes and exceptional dynamic range.

The result is cleaner images with exceptional detail.

New 24x36 full-frame sensor

Sizeable advantages.

Beyond megapixels, the sensor prioritizes superior dynamic range and exposure flexibility, to deliver exceptional results more consistently, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Resolution 24.5MP CMOS BSI pixels
ISO 100 Native gain
Up to 25600 Analog ISO

Technology speaks for itself.

Capture the full spectrum of a scene with remarkable clarity.
The ultra-low readout floor helps deliver maximum tone fidelity, while the increased full-well capacity ensures superior dynamic range.

Ultra-low 1.1e- Readout noise
Up to 120Ke- Full Well Capacity

The good side of CMOS.  Using a modern BSI architecture, our full-frame sensor can collect light across the full 35mm format. Older CMOS sensors have metal wiring absorbing light before the pixel, leading to softness and color shifts in corners, particularly at oblique angles.

Our sensor places photodiodes at the surface, combined with micro-lenses and an ultra-thin optical stack, maximizing light capture across the sensor surface. This lets you enjoy edge-to-edge clarity and true-to-life color reproduction, even with wide-angle lenses.

Explore new


Photo: @krisonthestreets

Wide-angle viewfinder.

The new Pixii Max wide-angle viewfinder expands your field of view.
Enjoy wider focal lengths and explore new horizons.

Super optical powers.

To match the new full-frame sensor, we have designed a new wide-angle optical viewfinder for Pixii Max.

With a 28mm field of view this new design lets you further explore the world of rangefinder photography.

Featuring high-quality optics and advanced coatings, the new Pixii Max viewfinder delivers enhanced clarity and sharpness.

New Optical viewfinder
New LAK8 High-index glass
Wide 35mm frame lines

Our vision for the new design.

For Pixii Max, we have designed a high-quality viewfinder that's comfortable to use. We wanted it to work well with the new full-frame sensor capabilities without sacrificing sharpness, distortion, or comfortable framing.

Some viewfinders offer many frame lines, but this can clutter the view or reduce magnification. We focused on the 35mm focal length for its wide-angle frame and a full 28mm field of view for street photography. This gives you clear, comfortable frame lines like a classical film camera, yet a versatile field of view for various photography styles.

And if you need an even wider view, like a 21mm super wide-angle, Pixii Max lets you use external optical viewfinders to adapt to any situation.

Photo: @chaudigitalhk

Only with Pixii

Interactive viewfinder

Interactive experience for unmatched creative control. Forget other rangefinders. Pixii's interactive rangefinder offers a unique experience with real-time capture parameters control, to refine focus, adjust exposure and achieve perfect composition with unmatched ease.

Unlock new creative smarts and capture stunning images with unparalleled control.


Monochrome RAW

The unique technology of Pixii lets you shoot B&W negatives with a Bayer sensor.
Enjoy the true monochrome experience.


For the photographer.

Pixii Max

Pixii Max

Camera Maxima

Full-frame sensor,
Wide-angle viewfinder,
Unique rangefinder.

Launching at 3999 euros.

Product designed and made in France. Prices: Pixii Max (Model A3410) - 32GB internal storage, launching at 3999 euros (excl. VAT). See the full price list on our web store.
‍Performances: metrics according to our internal lab tests, results may vary depending on the lens type and calibration accuracy.
We are grateful to the photographers sharing their work with us and with the community: Flowers, Dog @pieguy1888 - Michael Copperthite; Stones, Laurent Bouchard; Skyline(s) Chau Digital HK; Blue Horizon @slenderline_vg; Horizon(s) @krisonthestreets. Product photo credits: © Stéphane Dondicol - 3D images: © Alexandre Albisser.