The New
Pixii Camera

New image sensor.

Interactive viewfinder.

And a few more things...


Remarkable quality.
26MP BSI image sensor.

New pixels for Pixii.

More pixels and more performance for a sensor that delivers a remarkable image quality. Its BSI architecture is more efficient for collecting light, even with some difficult wide-angle lenses, thanks to its improved angular response.


sensor resolution


Back-Side Illuminated


more pixels
Up to


Full Well Capacity *
As low as


read noise *

First-class pixel.

The new pixel design features an ultra-low noise floor, for a cleaner signal in underexposed areas. Its extended full-well capacity (FWC) pushes dynamic range to a whole new level.

High and low ISOs.

The new sensor features an extended ISO range, from ISO 160 up to ISO 12800 natively, with higher sensitivities possible by software.

ISO 160

native base gain


top native ISO range


gain range


Interactive viewfinder.

Augmented creativity.

Pixii now integrates a new miniature display that projects key information directly into its optical viewfinder.

For the first time in a rangefinder camera, Pixii lets you interact with all camera settings, without leaving the viewfinder, for a more immersive experience.

Explore the technology.

New Pixii Camera optical rangefinder assembly.

The rangefinder assembly combines 4 distinct optical paths together. The wide view in the viewfinder is overlaid with frame lines, interactive settings and the rangefinder patch in the center.

New Pixii interactive rangefinder viewfinder illustration.

The new interactive settings are projected as an overlay positioned at the periphery of the field of view, so as not to distract. Choose which indicator to display with the menu wheel. Click to change your parameters.

Even more upgrades.

Pixii Camera controls and USB-C connector.


See, USB-C.

The new Pixii comes standard with a USB-C connector. Faster charging and a more accurate battery gauge complete the update.

Up to


charging capacity


Upgraded storage.

The new Pixii adjusts to its new powers, now with a range of memory options from 32GB and up to 128GB.

Up to


internal storage
More than


DNG files *


GPR format support.

Compress DNG files at a much higher ratio, while preserving full RAW editing latitude. GPR works with most desktop editing software, including Adobe Lightroom™️.

Up to


compression ratio *

The New
Pixii Camera

New image sensor.
Augmented viewfinder.
USB-C and up to 128GB.

From $2999.

New From 2999 euros.

Full Well Capacity: 52320e measured at native ISO 160 (+0dB); FWC varies with gain and decreases when ISO is increased; the values can also vary depending on the mode of operation of the sensor.
Read Noise: down to 0.83e measured at maximum ISO gain, 1.0e observed at native ISO gain; the values can also vary depending on the mode of operation of the sensor.
Rangefinder focus accuracy: measured at 1m of distance; the accuracy varies with the focus distance; the error margin increases with the distance but so does the depth of field; the increased depth of field generally over compensates the focus error margin.
Capacity of storage: 2657 photos can be stored in the camera with an internal storage capacity of 128GB and an average file size of 35MB per photo.
GPR format support: GPR uses wavelet compression to reduce the size of raw frames by a factor of 4:1 up to 10:1. See for more details.