Pixii SAS announces the new Pixii Camera digital rangefinder with new 26MP sensor, new interactive viewfinder, USB-C support and extended storage options, starting at just 2999 euros.


Key points

New 26MP BSI image sensor, extended dynamic range, ISO from 160 to 12800.
New rangefinder design, miniature display for interactive settings in the optical viewfinder.
Upgraded USB-C connectivity and up to 128GB of storage.
Upgrade program to bring new sensor to previous model owners.
New starting price of 2999 euros, most affordable digital rangefinder camera.

New 26MP image sensor

The new image sensor is built on a CMOS-BSI pixel design, with an increased resolution of 26MP resolving finer details. The pixel design also enhances the angular response to perform with wider focal lengths and modern optical designs. The extended dynamic range and ultra-low noise floor help to work in difficult lighting conditions. The ISO range now starts at ISO 160 up to ISO 12800 natively, with higher sensitivities by software post-processing.

Format: 3:2 APS-C sensor
Color filter: Bayer (GBRG)
Gain: up to +36dB

Resolution: 26MP (6244x4168)
Pixel: CMOS, back-side illuminated (BSI)
Dynamic range: 14 stops, FWC >50Ke
ISO Rating: 160 up to 12800 (native)

A new interactive optical viewfinder

Pixii now integrates a new miniature display that projects key information directly into its optical viewfinder, like exposure speed, exposure compensation or white balance. The settings are presented at the periphery of the field of view, to avoid being distracting. And for the first time in a rangefinder camera, Pixii also lets the photographer interact with camera settings and menus, all without leaving the viewfinder, for a more immersive experience.

USB-C connectivity and up to 128GB of internal storage

The new Pixii model now sports an upgraded USB-C connectivity, improved battery gauge and faster charging speeds. It comes standard with 8GB, up from 4GB. New storage options now range from 32GB and up to 128GB of internal storage.

Other notable features

The new model builds on the original Pixii Camera, with many features not available on other digital rangefinder cameras.

  • Extensible, LUT-based color profiles for natural or film-oriented color renditions.

  • Monochrome mode produces true, 16-bit single-plane, monochrome DNG files from a

    color sensor, no need for another B&W camera.

  • Very bright optical rangefinder with selectable framelines for 28, 35, 40 and 50mm focal

    length, .67 magnification, 49.2mm effective base length and close focus at .7m.

  • Ultra fast and silent electronic shutter, with speeds up to 1/32000.

  • Native iOS and Android support with combined bluetooth and Wifi connectivity.

  • GPR compression support, for up to 10x raw file reduction.

  • Transfer of photos onto a USB thumb drive while on the go.

Price and availability

The new Pixii Camera now starts at just 2999 euros (incl. 20% VAT in Europe, $2999 before tax in the US). The 32GB version will be available for 3240 euros, 64GB for 3380 euros and 128GB for 3540 euros.

Pre-orders start on 30.09. The first orders will ship on 11.10.


"We listened to photographers using the camera and we addressed their feedback with this new model." says David Barth, Founder of Pixii. "Crucially, we also engineered the upgrade path to let A1112 model owners upgrade their camera to the new sensor."

"The team has worked hard over the last 12 months to make Pixii an affordable choice for even more photographers." says Fabrice Barbier, Chairman of the Board. "We are excited to make the experience of a modern rangefinder accessible like never before."

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Press contact

Isabelle Colas - isabelle@pixii.fr
Visuals and press resources available at: pixii.fr/press-kit

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