New software update 5.2.4


More speed !

We have addressed the number one feedback from our users: speed, or previously some lack, thereof.

The software release has new optimizations to improve the processing speed once an image is taken.

So, how much faster, do you ask? We measured an improvement of about 15-20% generally (shooting DNG images in rapid succession up to a full buffer). For specific cases like JPEG recording the improvement is even a bit higher as we have removed some intermediate steps and checks that were left from the development period. Further to that, in some cases we have slowed down the process. Counterintuitively, this accelerates processing when the camera has to handle a very rapid succession of photos. As we were trying to understand the problem with photographers, we clarified that the camera was in fact trying too hard to process the flow of images and the scheduler was wasting time switching between tasks. Now the camera uses a different priority mechanism. This has the effect of slowing a bit certain aspects of processing but overall is a net gain whenever you take more than one photo at a time. And even in that case, the other optimisations generally made the camera more snappy.

Note that all this doesn’t affect the very fast sensor readout of Pixii, as described in a recent post. The sensor continues to operate at 30FPS+ for no rolling shutter effect and good protection against artificial lighting.

Less issues

Otherwise known as bugs, we’ve worked to remove some more problems that were reported as well. Please refer to the detailed release notes if you want to know all about the things we are a bit less proud of:

Application news

As usual we have published a few application “soft-updates” during that period. This happens transparently and refines the application user experience.

On Android though, you will have to go back to the Play Store to download the latest application binary. This new release (1.2.2) adds an important new feature: the ability to automatically synchronize the time and date between your phone and camera. This has been possible for iPhone owners for a while but now Android users can do it too. In fact, there is nothing to do: as soon as your phone and camera reconnect they will share the time and date and ensures that your photos are always tagged with the right information.

What’s next?

As always, we keep improving the camera. The next release will probably follow the recent additions to the app by enabling GPS support. The feature will let you geo-tag your photos by letting your phone share its position with the camera. The feature is already present but just not enabled because of the jungle of authorisations and popups necessary to navigate. We keep battling to make it possible for you to confidently enable this feature in the future.

And there is another addition also that we are preparing. It should please the fans of our monochrome mode…

“ It keeps getting better! ”

It keeps getting better, said one of the photographers who was helping us testing this new release. We hope you will like it and enjoy your camera even more. Thanks to all the testers who have helped make this release possible !

How to install?

The new version can be installed simply from the application or from the camera menu. The camera requires Wi-Fi with Internet connectivity to download the software update. Please refer to the new manual section if you haven’t already configured your camera: Configure Wi-Fi mode.

To learn more about the various types of software releases we provide over-the-air, check this new documentation article: Pixii software updates.

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