Pixii Camera

Modern photography.

computational, UPGRADEABLE, inspirational.

An iconic design for a totally new experience. 
New 64-bit processor & upgradeable architecture.
Designed to serve your inspiration,
more than ever.

The first 64-bit camera
in the world.

This changes everything...

Computing race.

The computing power of smartphones, is redefining modern photography.

Imagine the potential of real camera sensor and high-quality lens, combined with the same processor...

The most powerful processor ever in a camera.

64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 arch.
Dual-core OpenCL 2.0 GPU.
Dedicated NPU & VPU cores.

Up to


GPU threads
More than


per seconds

APS-C Image Sensor

26MP BSI CMOS sensor
High dynamic range &
ultra low-noise pixel design

Ranked #1 by DXOMARK - Learn more about this score.

Up to


dynamic range

Monochrome RAW

The first color-camera taking true monochrome DNGs.
The new 64-bit processor can resolve finer details & smoother transitions.

Learn more about our exclusive Monochrome mode.

Remote Live View

New creative possibilities.

Beginner, street or studio photographer?
Control the exposure, focus and composition, with direct feedback on your personal screen.

Only on the latest processor.

Better, Faster, Stronger.

Power to the photographer.

You spoke, we listened!

We have improved the most important aspects of the camera experience, to make it the best tool to reveal your vision.

Make it faster.

Pixii reacts immediately to adjust the exposure with the new processor.
Reactivity rhymes with more freedom for creativity.

Storage speed gets a huge boost also: capture photos at the speed of a click.
The increased buffer gets barely noticeable but it's there anyway, just in case you need it.

Pixii now also supports Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) for ultra fast wireless transfers.



faster processing


faster transfer

Work it harder.

The new processor runs faster and cooler. It delivers a double dose of battery life.
You also can engage the new "Eco" mode for another 25% increase in power savings.

Every milliampere counts for your next street sortie.

Up to


battery life
New A2572
Photos per charge

Makes us better.

Liberate your inner vision.
Create the pictures you envision.
(Uh, it almost sounds like a song!)

Enjoy photography with the new Pixii.

Forward thinking.

The always modern camera.

Software Updates

Always up-to-date software. Pixii has popularized OTA software updates for cameras. No need for SD cards or USB cables.
Enjoy new software, just like you do with your smartphone.

Upgrade Service

The Hardware Upgrade service lets your camera benefit from the latest technologies: buy a sensor upgrade, a new processor or update your viewfinder.
Pixii is designed with the future in mind. Together with software updates, the modular architecture of Pixii helps protect your investment.

“The cleanest brightline 
on any Leica M mount
Stephen Gandy,
“La visée dans l’appareil est particulièrement claire, supérieure même à celle du Leica M10.”
Thibaut Godet,
Science & Vie Photo

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We move forward.

With our 3rd camera generation, we offer a new hardware upgrade path for Pixii Camera owners.

We strive to design an interesting camera and also one you can invest into.

We rejoice to see more photographers sharing this journey with us.