New rangefinder design, new magnetic eyepiece,
new exposure mode, new focusing features.
Enjoy the rangefinder experience
with the new Pixii Camera.

Take a closer look.

This small apparent change reveals a major redesign.

Extended rangefinder.

Pushing the limits.

With an extended base length, our new rangefinder is  designed to focus the most demanding lenses.
The extension of the triangulation base helps increase the precision of focus. The larger base also provides extra clearance, up to 72mm, to support the wider bodies that comes with large aperture lenses.

Base length


Designed for



More comfort, more precision.

We have combined the optical enhancements with a new mechanical design.
The rangefinder lens is now controlled by a micro ball-bearing sliding along the translation shaft. This both increases the focusing comfort and improves the overall accuracy by an order of magnitude.
Pixii+ will let you explore new depths of fields.

New micro ball-bearing contacter.

So many lenses

Even more to explore.

Expand your palette. The new Pixii+ rangefinder lets you use even more lenses. Explore more than a hundred different models. From superlative contemporary productions, to venerable vintage designs. There is a lens for every photo you can dream of.

Software updates.

The latest software release brings a lot of new features to the camera: here is a quick summary.

Auto ISO
Start easy,
learn step-by-step.
Focus Peaking & Zoom
See where you focus.
Mobile Apps
New app releases.
Geotag photos with your smartphone position.
Sharp, color profiled JPEGs straight out of camera.
Focal Lengths
EXIF support for lenses
using an external VF.

Note: All software features are also immediately available to A2572 model owners.

Magic Eyepiece: for your eyes only.

Maximize the power of your eye to reach the focus point. Get the perfect fit, with the new Pixii+ viewfinder accessory.

Diopter correction lenses. Replace the standard eyepiece with correction ranging from -3 to +3 diopters (in unitary or half diopter increments for smaller values).
Standard eyepiece
Diopter correction: +2.0
Diopter correction: -1.5
Magnetic magic. Changing the eyepiece doesn't require any special tool. It snaps into place with the strong neodymium magnets. Change easily between correction or use a different magnification.
Change in a snap
1.5x magnifying power
Zoom in. The magnifier eyepiece will help focus more precisely when using longer focal lengths. The magnifying power of 1.5x is suited for 50mm focals and upwards.

Get ready for action.

Photography is an art. This is your passion.
Get into the flow. When the camera fades away and becomes an extension of your eye.

We are making this camera for you, the photographer.

For the photographers.


Enhanced Rangefinder
Magnetic eyepiece
Updated software

From 2699 euros.

Product designed and made in France.
Prices: Pixii Camera (Model A2572+) - 16GB internal storage, starting at 2699 euros (excl. VAT). See the full price list on our web store.
Performances: metrics according to our internal lab tests, results may vary depending on the lens type and calibration accuracy.
Photo credits: © Stéphane Dondicol - 3D images: © Alexandre Albisser.
We are grateful to the  photographers sharing their work with us and with the community: Unsplash ©: Christian Perner, Possessed Photography, Simone Dalmeri, Stephen Caserta, Jean Gerber, Christopher Burns, Jeremy Bishop, Chris Karidis, Alice Donovan-Rouse, Luca Bravo, Efe Kurnaz, David Becker.Pexels ©: Engin Akyurt, Cottonbro Studio