For the photographers.


Enhanced Rangefinder
Magnetic eyepiece
Updated software

From 2699 euros.

High Precision

Optical Rangefinder

Select the depth of field and learn to focus precisely where you intend.
Let your eye guide your hand with the Pixii optical rangefinder.

Monochrome RAW

Meet the first color-camera
taking true monochrome negatives.



26MP BSI image sensor.

Pixii ranked #1 APS-C camera for image quality, outperforming all previous full-frame rangefinders.

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Reveal photos on your smartphone.

Shoot like it's film again.
Images are transferred in the background, ready for you to enjoy when the moment is right.
Or just a few seconds later: on a modern camera, the best screen is already in your pocket.

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Get the latest software updates:


Interactive viewfinder.

For the first time in a rangefinder camera, you can manage all camera settings without leaving the viewfinder, for a more immersive experience.

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Also featured in

“The cleanest brightline 
on any Leica M mount
Stephen Gandy,
“La visée dans l’appareil est particulièrement claire, supérieure même à celle du Leica M10.”
Thibaut Godet,
Science & Vie Photo