We create Pixii

The first connected rangefinder camera


Pixii is a contemporary camera, designed in the 21st century. It pairs with your smartphone, becomes an extension of the device to sublime the photographic experience.

Pixii removes the screen, in every sense of the word. Its optical viewfinder lifts the screen between the photographer and the scene. The screen absence keeps you connected with your subject. And yet, you can instantly reveal your pictures on the large screen of your smartphone, adjust the tones, and directly share on Instagram.


At the heart of Pixii, there is light. People and landscapes transmitted at the speed of light to your retina. No lag, no false colors, just pure emotions, thanks to a finely crafted optical viewfinder. Connected to the real world.

Precise framelines inside the viewfinder let you compose images. And anticipate what will enter and fit inside the frame.


Combined with its viewfinder, Pixii features an optical rangefinder to precisely focus and frame the scene you want to capture.

The rangefinder is coupled to a standard Leica mount to let you tap into a wide range of beautiful lenses, from old classics to high-end modern asphericals.

Made in France

Pixii has been designed by a small team of passionate engineers.

Each camera is made in our workshop in France, manually adjusted with care to create an exceptional tool. The first French camera in more than 30 years.

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