See the image
On your phone

The first camera designed to work with your smartphone

When everyone has a screen right now, why bother with a lesser version on the camera?
The best screen is already in your pocket

Press the shutter

Pixii saves your photos in its internal memory and sends a preview to your phone, at the same time.

Optimized for Bluetooth 5, the picture is on your phone before you take it out of your pocket.

See the image

Discover your photographs with the most accurate colors.

Inspect the exposure, or bring the full DNG onto your phone.

At your fingertips

Zoom into details or browse your camera roll, all using a familiar interface.

Stay in the flow

No need to interrupt your workflow, Pixii helps you focus and stay connected.

Simple, powerful

Edit your images, share them instantly with friends or get transparent, over-the-air updates for your camera and app.

You can even take a selfie with the remote control.

Remote Live View

New creative possibilities.

Beginner, street or studio photographer?
Control the exposure, focus and composition, with direct feedback on your personal screen.

Featrure avalaible on model A2572 and later.