Forward thinking.

The always modern camera.

Software Updates

Always up-to-date software. Pixii has popularized OTA software updates for cameras. No need for SD cards or USB cables.
Enjoy new software, just like you do with your smartphone.

Upgrade Service

The Hardware Upgrade service lets your camera benefit from the latest technologies: buy a sensor upgrade, a new processor or update your viewfinder.
Pixii is designed with the future in mind. Together with software updates, the modular architecture of Pixii helps protect your investment.

Model A1112
In 2020, Pixii introduced its first creation to the market. Model A1112 was a camera of many firsts, starting with a series of innovations.
  • First Global Shutter camera.
  • First connected camera, combining Bluetooth 5 & Wifi.
  • First camera with a built-in storage and no SD card.
  • First digital rangefinder without a screen.
  • And also the first French camera in over 40 years.
Model A1571
Model A1571 is the second generation of the Pixii Camera, introduced by the end of 2021, featuring key innovations.
  • A new 26MP BSI APS-C sensor, outperforming all other full-frame rangefinders on the market.
  • An interactive viewfinder, a first on a rangefinder camera.
With this model, Pixii starts offering an hardware upgrade service to all owners of a Pixii Camera, setting a new industry first.
Model A2572
The third generation of the Pixii Camera introduced a new 64-bit architecture, another world's first.
The hardware upgrade path integrates this new evolution, allowing more Pixii owners to keep their camera up-to-date.
Model A2572+
The just-announced Pixii+ is the fourth and latest evolution of the Pixii Camera, with a new extended rangefinder assembly and a magnetic eyepiece adapter with diopter correction.
All Pixii models, including the A1571 and A2572 models can be upgraded to receive the new hardware evolutions.


We move forward.

With each camera generation, we propose a new hardware upgrade path for Pixii Camera owners.

We strive to design an interesting camera and also one you can invest into.

We rejoice to see more photographers sharing this journey with us.