Pixii Camera launching in Europe


Pixii A1112 model : original digital rangefinder camera made in France, with silent global shutter CMOS APS-C sensor.


PARIS, FRANCE. PIXII SAS today revealed the latest details and launch plan of its upcoming product, the first digital rangefinder camera designed to reveal pictures on a smartphone.

"We are thrilled to announce the availability of our camera this week as the world of photography meets in Paris." said David Barth, CEO of PIXII. "Paris and France have always had a special place in the world of photography : from the creation of the first photograph by Nicéphore Niépce to the new generation of mobile photographers like VuTheara Kham. We are very proud to be the first French camera maker after 40 years of absence."

Rangefinder Camera

Pixii camera has been created as an optical and electronic tool made first and foremost for photographers, centered on the idea that it must be so intuitive to use that it fades and lets photographers see beyond it.

The first  radical design choice comes with the creation of an original rangefinder to equip the camera. We love rangefinders for the clarity of intent. The photographer is immersed in the picture. A precise control of focus is given with immediate optical feedback. Open framelines let anticipate the right moment.

But very few companies have dared to enter this market because of the engineering precision required to make a good rangefinder. Almost all of them have disappeared, leaving no choice but to recreate a complete design that would fit into our compact camera.

The requirements for building a rangefinder can be compared to that of a mechanical watch movement. So quite naturally we have built Pixii in France, in Besançon, the capital of the watchmaking industry

Modern Camera

The second radical choice is to put the camera screen to its place : on your smartphone, not in your way.

With Pixii the rangefinder keeps the photographer focused on reality with a true optical path and far from a screen of pixels. Revealing pictures on the smartphone makes them shine with the true tones and deep colors of a modern display. Ancient, fixed function software can now run on powerful processors and evolve at the speed of an app.

Realizing that the traditional camera design needed a good refresh, we didn't stop there.

We removed the need for a proprietary battery charger : with Pixii a simple USB cable is all it takes to recharge it.

Pixii also has a built-in memory and connects as a USB drive to a computer.

And if the memory fills up with photos it is always possible to unload them on a USB key. No need for SD cards anymore.

Enjoy the silence

The first time you will shoot with your Pixii, you will hear... nothing. Yes. Nothing : no noise, no vibration. Just a confirmation tone. The discretion of rangefinder cameras is almost legendary. With Pixii it becomes a reality…

But how do we make Pixii the most discrete camera in the world ? Simply by choosing the right components.

First Pixii has no need for noisy autofocus motors. With its M-Mount you can use manual focus lenses from renowned vendors like Leica, Zeiss, or Voigtländer. Focusing is always a silent operation. Second, we decided to remove the mechanical shutter. Be it made of cloth or from metallic blades, the shutter release and rewinding is always a source of vibrations and noise. This also makes the camera more robust with less fragile moving parts. Because Pixii only needs an electronic shutter.

But the magic is only possible by choosing the right electronic shutter. Pixii is one of the first digital cameras to use a global shutter sensor. Unlike traditional shutters which read the image line by line, the global shutter captures photons on all the sensor surface immediately, like a true digital film.

Global shutter sensors are still rare and we have selected one of the best on the market from a well-known european sensors specialist. It is a 12MP CMOS APS-C format sensor with large photodiodes and a 5.5 micrometers pitch. This is about the same precision as other production rangefinder cameras and can capture about 50x times more light than a smartphone. This translates into better abilities in ambient light especially when combined with the wide apertures available in M-Mount lenses.

We are proud to pioneer this sensor technology in a still camera. We can’t wait to see what you will create with your Pixii camera !

Pricing and availability

Pixii (model A1112) will be available first in three finishes : Silver aluminium, Black and Space Grey, and with storage variants : 8GB or 32GB.

Public retail price will start at 3480 euros (incl. 20% VAT) for the 8GB silver aluminium version, 3540 euros for the 8GB Space Gray or Black versions. 32Gb versions will be available in early 2019 starting at 3850 euros.

The camera will first launch in Europe. Demo cameras will be available in December at select retailers.

Pre-orders will start on the 14th of December, with delivery set to commence in late December in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the UK, and early January for the rest of Europe.

Pricing and availability in other regions will be announced in Q1 2019.

Technical Specifications - Pixii Camera (A1112)

  • Connected digital camera with rangefinder viewfinder

  • Optical viewfinder with coinciding rangefinder (magnification 0,67X equivalent to a 21 mm)

  • LED backlit framelines with exposure indicators

  • Automatic parallax correction

  • Automatic LED intensity adjustment

  • Framelines for standard prime lenses :  40/50mm, 28/35mm

  • CMOS sensor with 5.5µm pixel pitch

  • Global electronic shutter

  • 12-bits sampling rate, high dynamic range (60-90dB)

  • APS-C optical format

  • RAW (DNG) and JPEG format (4080 x 2732 pixels)

  • Native gain: ISO 200, programmable from 100 to 6400 ISO

  • RGB color matrix, optimized with micro-lenses

  • IR filter, no low-pass < 1.0mm

  • Interchangeable lens system

  • Manual focus and aperture control

  • M compatible lens mount, also compatible with M39/LTM lenses (with adapter)

  • Dark chamber designed to fit collapsible lenses

  • Machined aluminium body

  • Finition : silver anodized, gray, matte black lacquer, carbon titane (special order)

  • ISO accessory shoe, tripod socket A ¼, lugs for carrying strap

  • Dimensions : 138 x 79 x 33 mm (5.4 x 3.1 x 1.3 inches)

  • Weight: approx. 460g (incl. battery)

  • Manual shutter speed selector

  • Automatic speed mode

  • 2 stage shutter button: exposure metering/lock, shutter release

  • Quick ISO selection, white-balance and supplementary settings via integrated menu

  • OLED control screen

  • ARM processors with integrated FPGA accelerator

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity, Bluetooth LE 4.2/5.0

  • 8Go or 32Go internal storage

  • Li-ion 7.4V battery, 1000mAh capacity, model NP-FW50

  • Integrated USB charger

  • Programmable suspend and power off timer


PIXII SAS is a startup developing a new radical, contemporary, rangefinder camera.

The company has been founded by David Barth and a team of specialists in optics, micro-mechanics and electronics to create innovative and inspiring tools for photographers.

The company is based in Besançon, France.

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