Designed to reveal images
 your smartphone

The Smartphone Revelation

The best screen is already in your pocket!
Your images are transferred almost instantly before you turn on the app.

Discover your creations on the best display, with the most accurate colors and details.

See how it works

High Precision Optical Rangefinder

It's amazing: in a few millimetres you can choose to focus from 0 to infinity. With an outstanding  precision our rangefinder and your very own eye work in concert to perform this feat.

It may feel daunting at first but once you try it there is no turning back.

full control of
your camera

Pixii is designed to put all the manual controls right under your finger tips. It clearly presents you with the information you need to find the right balance of exposure and focus in the blink of an eye.

Now you can let your intuition guide you as your learn and evolve your art.

Here is what DearSusan thinks
about Pixii (Sept, 2020)

Great image quality. Great shooting experience.

Pascal Jappy, DearSusan

The Technology
Behind the Magic

Technology should be out of the way when you take pictures, to let you do your own magic...

We have worked relentlessly to create a carefully designed tool with some seriously cool technologies.

We said it was connected

But in a new way

We are taking a fresh look at the camera design and getting rid of the old kludges at the same time.

Use the cable to turn Pixii into a portable hard-drive, or just recharge its battery with a USB charger. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Photo Series

Discover more images created with Pixii, by photographers and artists like you.

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